Pipe Handling Equipment

Since the introduction of coiled PE pipe at the beginning of the 1980s, Steve Vick International has been at the forefront of developing equipment for its safe, easy handling. Our pipe coil trailers are available for purchase only, pipe pushing machines and Pipe Handlers are available for hire (UK only) and purchase.

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The Perpetual Pipe Pusher is an excavator attachment used to continuously insert PE from 63mm / 2” up to 180mm / 6”.

Perpetual Pipe Pusher

Large Pipe Handler

Inserting PE pipe into a host main can now be carried out safer, simpler and faster with the use of Steve Vick International’s Pipe Handler.

Pipe Handler – Large Diameter PE

Mini Pipe Handler

The process of inserting PE pipe, live or dead, is now made easier, safer and faster with the use of the Mini and Midi Pipe Handlers from Steve Vick International.

Pipe Handler – Small Diameter PE

Hexi Trailer

The Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer is the first trailer of its type capable of transporting and dispensing a 500 metre coil of 63mm, 75mm or 90mm PE.

Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer

Our Pipe Coil Trailers offer efficiency and ease of dispensing in operations such as sliplining, open trench pipe laying and in directional drilling procedures. They offer a safe way to transport, store and dispense coiled PE.

Pipe Coil Trailers