SMARTester™: The wireless gas pressure testing system



Launched in 2017, the Steve Vick International SMARTester™ is a highly accurate Bluetooth gas pressure tester that transmits data to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Allowing evidence traceability, it offers a simple, accurate way to report live pressure tests back to a cloud database.

Steve Vick developed the SMARTester™ in collaboration with Wales & West Utilities.  The SMARTester™ offers a complete searchable database of pressure test evidence available at the click of a button– complete with pictures, time and date, GPS location and calibration certificate.

The fully integrated system combines: SMARTester™ pressure sensor, an intuitive app and the Dashboard database of test evidence. Together the 3 components work to give you total confidence that your tests are highly accurate, fully compliant and that evidence is instantly traceable.




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