Pipe Cutting

SVI Contract Services offer a range of pipe cutting services using our innovative pipe cutting equipment. We can perform window cutting on ductile or steel pipes with a maximum cutting depth of 13mm or rotary cutting on ductile or steel pipes ¾” up to 8” in diameter.  Our Keel Cutter, which can cut and bevel at the same time, is particularly popular when cutting pipe from 200mm – 1600mm in diameter.

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A circumferential cutter capable of cutting large PE pipe in a single rotation, quickly and safely – on pipe diameters above 250mm with a wall thickness of up to 70mm.

PE Pipe Cutter

The Rapid Rotary Cutter, an air powered tool designed to circumferentially cut ductile and cast iron mains without damaging internal pipes and allowing immediate access.

Circumferential Cutting – Small Diameter

SVI has been successfully supplying circumferential cutters for many years. The specialist machines, manufactured by us in the UK, are used by Contract Services to make circumferential cuts in a variety of different materials and diameter pipe.

Circumferential Cutting – Large Diameter

Rapid Window Cutter

For customers needing windows cut in ductile iron or steel pipes, we offer a service that is reported to be up to 50% faster than traditional methods. Suitable for windows or full removal of the pipe.

Window Cutting