Popular flowstopping and void filling techniques used by the Steve Vick International Contract Service team primarily involve the use of expanding polyurethane resin foam. Depending on the application a variety of methods are available, all of which are deployed in ‘gas free’ conditions and approved for use on all UK Gas Distribution Networks.  The patented products and techniques applied by SVI can reduce or completely remove the need to cut customers off gas and require much smaller excavations resulting in significantly lower reinstatement costs. These cost savings are significant, especially when compared with conventional flowstopping operations.

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The SVI FOAMBAG™ flowstopping system involves the injection of expanding foam into a fabric bag which is placed in the pipe. The bag holds the liquid foam in place whilst it expands, providing a gas tight seal at full expansion.


ENDSEALS™ are used to stop gas tracking back along the annular space of inserted gas mains. FOAMCAP™ is a lightweight and low cost alternative to metal caps; used by the Steve Vick International Contract Services to seal off abandoned dead gas mains

Endseals & Foamcaps