Filling Voids

Steve Vick International provides products and services to effectively decommission underground voids, pits and chambers.


A foam filled active manhole chamber at Hunterston A

A foam filled active manhole chamber at Hunterston A

The FOAMBAG™ system is often used to seal off entry and exit points so that the entire void may be injected with expanding foam or in certain circumstances, a cement grout or epoxy resins.

It is possible to position individual bags at strategic positions and inject foam or grout from a remote location (up to 75m away) with the use of CCTV cameras and injection equipment.

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Chemical Drains

A foam filled chemical drain at Chapelcross

A foam filled chemical drain at Chapelcross

More recent adaptions of our polyurethane closed cell foam have been used to successfully decommission chemical and active drains.

Expanding foam can be injected into drains and their connecting manholes remotely (up to 75m away) using a number of established methods. The foams are designed to give various expansion ratios from 2:1 to 20:1 to suit project requirements.

Successful projects include the decommission of a chemical drain system at Chapelcross nuclear power station and part of the active drain system at Hunterson A nuclear power station.

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The National Nuclear Laboratory has carried out tests on the cured foam used in Steve Vick International’s FOAMBAG™ and associated systems and have rated it as having an 8-10 year lifespan in an area with a background radiation level of 7–9Sv.

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