Pipe Decommissioning

Steve Vick International (SVI) has been providing products and services for the trenchless repair and renovation of gas pipes since 1981. Many of these products and techniques have been enhanced to decommission contaminated pipes on nuclear decommissioning projects.

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SVI manufacture FOAMBAG™ kits suitable for sealing diameters from 5mm to 36” and these kits are available for purchase where appropriate. Alternatively we can design bespoke FOAMBAGS™ for individual projects, to seal larger diameters and non-standard shapes.


The High Integrity Foam Bag fills and permanently seals off pipework during decommissioning

High Integrity FOAMBAG™

Under Pressure Drill

The Steve Vick under pressure drill is a safe, airtight system for drilling pipes and ducts, it is used in conjunction with various airtight hot-tapping systems.

Hot Tapping