Gas Service Renewal

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Install a new PIV, under 'live conditions, with the least disruption to customers using Steve Vick International's Live Gas Service Isolation and Live Service Transfer. Suitable for 2” steel or below

PIV – Pipe Isolation Valve


FULLSEAL™ is a thixotropic material designed specifically for the gas industry as an annular gas sealant. It is suitable for use when either PE or Serviflex™ pipe has been inserted.



We offer several options for filling the annulus when services are inserted dead. Our FOAMPACK™ kits are a convenient annular sealant for injecting from the service head adaptor to fill the prescribed length of the old service.

Gas Service Renewals – Dead – FOAMPACK™

Rapid Service Isolator

Rapid Service Isolator is a safe method for cutting a live service, prior to dead insertion, in no-gas conditions

Rapid Service Isolation

Live Gas Service Isolation is a kit for isolating steel services from ¾” to 2” diameter operating at up to 75mbar

Live Gas Service Isolation

Gas Service Insertion

Live Service Insertion is a technique which uses our patented FOAMPACK™ product and allows companies to renew gas service pipes without interrupting the mains supply and without excavating in the road or footpath.

Live Service Insertion

Live Service Insertion Removal Tool

The Live Service Insertion Tool easily removes a section of the inserted metallic pipe, giving a reliable accurate cut and avoiding damaging the PE.

Live Service Insertion Removal Tool

Live Service Transfer

Live Service Transfer is a technique which allows a gas service to be partly renewed or transferred to a new main without first decommissioning it

Live Service Transfer

The Service Taper Tool provides a safe and simple alternative to using a knife or hacksaw to slice a section off the PE to allow it to be pushed easily around even a tight bend into the building.

Taper Tool