PIV – Pipe Isolation Valve

PIV – Pipe Isolation Valve


It is sometimes necessary to install a new PIV and the ideal solution is to do that with the least disruption to customers.

Steve Vick International have worked with Cadent Gas to design a way of successfully installing a new PIV, for 2” steel or below, under ‘live’ conditions using Steve Vick Live Gas Service Isolation and Live Service Transfer.  Using this method, it is possible to install the new PIV without disruption to consumers’ supplies which therefore negates the need to test, purge and relight each dwelling.

To introduce a new PIV, operatives are required to install two UPT’s onto the pipe and install a new permanent bypass, which already has the new PIV incorporated.  Once this has been completed it allows the old pipework to be flow stopped and removed using one of the following techniques: SVI Live Service Isolator, Foam Stop or Rapid Service Isolator.

This technique is also available as a contract service, using our highly experienced engineers.

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  • Allows a new PIV to be installed without disruption to consumers’ supplies
  • Avoids the need to test, purge and relight each dwelling
  • Offered as a special contract service
  • Reduced excavation required compared with more traditional methods

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