Internal Pipe Systems

Steve Vick International’s Contract Service Team have been offering innovative solutions for internal pipe systems for over 35 years.  Our innovative techniques and services including Live Riser Transfer, Live Service Transfer and Internal Alterations & Connections offer significant time and cost savings by negating the need to switch off the gas supply to carry out the work.  These ‘Live’ techniques have become increasingly popular when working on multiple occupancy buildings (MOBS).

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Install a new PIV, under 'live conditions, with the least disruption to customers using Steve Vick International's Live Gas Service Isolation and Live Service Transfer. Suitable for 2” steel or below

PIV – Pipe Isolation Valve

The Steve Vick International Contract Service team are experts in decommissioning internal pipework on buildings which are being redeveloped or knocked down. Our experienced team offer a free site survey to assess the work that needs to be carried out and then decide which of the SVI products will be the best solution.

Decommissioning Internal Pipes

The SVI Contract Service can provide a number of techniques and services to solve the problems of altering pipe work, e.g. when renovating buildings.

Internal Alterations & Connections

The Live Riser Transfer technique allows a gas riser within a building to be partly renewed or transferred to a new main without switching off the gas supply.

Live Riser Transfer

Live Service Transfer

Live Service Transfer is a technique which allows a gas service to be partly renewed or transferred to a new main without first decommissioning it

Live Service Transfer

Our Contract Service team have over 35 years experience working on solutions for multiple occupancy buildings (MOBS).

Multiple Occupancy Buildings