Filling Voids & Annular Spaces

The Steve Vick International Contract Service team are a highly skilled team who have over three decades of experience in filling unwanted underground pipes and voids safely and permanently.  Our cost saving solutions include: Filling pipes and voids from a remote location, under railways, main roads, airports, abandoning gas pipes, water pipes, electricity ducts, filling manholes, cellars and storage tanks.

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Grout filling offers a low cost solution where there is a need to seal off large diameter utility mains, either inserted or abandoned.

Grout Filling

Steve Vick International patented foam can provide a low cost method of filling a wide variety of unwanted voids.

Foam Filling

FOAMCAP™ is a lightweight and low cost alternative to metal caps; used by the Steve Vick International Contract Services to seal off abandoned dead gas mains. They are simple to fit and may be used on uneven or badly corroded mains.


ENDSEALS™ are used to stop gas tracking back along the annular space of inserted gas mains. This method avoids spending unnecessary time and money excavating.


SVI have developed an annular gap sealing technique for mains which lie underneath a private property, for example, under a garage or under a conservatory. This innovative process can be deployed by our Contract Service team and helps to protect the gas main and prevent surface slump.