Pipe Cutting and Cracking

Steve Vick International manufacture a range of pipe cutters and crackers; all of which are available to buy or hire. Pipe cutting is also offered to the water industry as a contract service.

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PE Pipe Cutter is available as a service through our Contract Service Team. New Hire

A circumferential cutter capable of cutting large PE pipe in a single rotation, quickly and safely – on pipe diameters above 250mm with a wall thickness of up to 70mm.

PE Pipe Cutter

Crackerjack to crack pipe

CRACKERJACK™, the fast, safe and affordable way to break out cast iron mains up to 6”


The MINI MACAW PIPE CRACKER for the safe and effective cracking of small diameter redundant cast iron gas mains (4” to 8”)

HD Mini MACAW – Pipe Cracker

The MACAW Pipe Cracker is a digger attachment for the safe and effective cracking of redundant cast iron mains - 8 - 24” diameter

MACAW Pipe Cracker

Keel Cutter

Keel Cutters automatically cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and other types of pipes up to 1600mm diameter. The N600 model will also bevel ductile iron pipe.

Keel Cutter

The Rapid Rotary Cutter

The Rapid Rotary Cutter, an air powered tool designed to circumferentially cut ductile and cast iron mains without damaging internal pipes and allowing immediate access.

Rapid Rotary Cutter

The Rapid Window Cutter

Our Rapid Window Cutter is a hand held tool designed for precise, fast cutting of windows in abandoned or inserted ductile mains, without damaging the previously inserted PE.

Rapid Window Cutter