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Live Gas Mains Insertion

Live Mains Insertion

Live Mains Insertion

Steve Vick International is a world leader in developing techniques for ‘live’ insertion of cast iron gas mains, a technique that offers maximum operational flexibility.

Live Mains Insertion is similar to normal insertion of new polyethylene (PE) pipe into an old low pressure cast iron main with one major benefit. By using a special gland box, the old main is kept live throughout the insertion process and the new PE is gassed up to maintain gas supplies to customers. Once insertion is complete, the main is still kept live to supply customers via the annular space until it is operationally convenient to transfer the services to the new PE main.

Literally thousands of miles of gas mains around the world have been inserted live since the technique was introduced in the 1980s.


  • Cost savings of up to 14% compared with dead insertion
  • Services can be transferred in line with labour & customer availability
  • Minimum time off gas for consumers
  • Only one purge and re-light per customer
  • Minimum excavation open at any one time
  • Minimum impact on the environment
  • Low capital equipment cost
  • Products meet GIS/E58 and GIS/LC14 Specifications

The Steve Vick International Matrix shows the possible combinations of inserted PE and cast iron mains.

We also offer products for ‘dead’ insertion – see Flow Stopping & Pipe Sealing and Pipe Handling Equipment.

Live Mains Insertion of medium pressure mains is offered as a contract service.

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Live Mains Insertion - Demonstration

Live Gas Mains Insertion During Covid 19

Live Mains Insertion is a flexible technique which can be adapted for situations where you have properties shielding during the current Covid 19 pandemic.

By using a simple short bypass it’s possible to keep those households who are shielding on gas whilst still replacing the mains and services for the rest of the properties on the street.

If you would like to know more about this technique please see the webinar video below or contact our technical team on 01225 864864

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Live Mains Insertion - Covid 19
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