Live Riser Transfer

Live Riser Transfer


This technique allows a gas riser within a building to be partly renewed or transferred to a new main without switching off the gas supply.

It is available for use on 1” to 6” diameter low pressure services and offers a solution to the problem of replacing services to high rise apartment blocks and enables sections of old service running under buildings to be abandoned.

The method allows significant time and cost savings as there is no need to disrupt customers’ supplies, avoiding the need to test, purge and relight each individual dwelling in a block of flats.

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Features and Benefits

  • Solves the problems associated with the replacement of services to high rise buildings
  • Avoids the need to throw the riser dead
  • Avoids the high cost of scaffolding associated with providing new riser on building exterior
  • Enables the section of old service under a building to be safely abandoned
  • Avoids the need to enter each property to turn off, purge, test and relight supply
  • No disruption to customers’ supplies
  • Fire retardant material used to provide a 30 minute fire check in accordance with GIS/SER6:2006


  • Under pressure drilling service on metallic and PE.
  • 2” to 10” LP & MP.
  • Fitted and tested by the GDN or GDSP
  • SVI to carry out a pre drill pressure test.

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