Live Service Transfer

Live Service Transfer


Live Service Transfer is a technique which allows a gas service to be partly re-laid and/or transferred to a new main without disrupting the customer’s gas supply.

A solution to the replacement of services to multi-occupancy properties, it also meets the need for renewing uninterruptible supplies such as shops, restaurants and hotels.

Live Riser Transfer is an enhancement of the system. Carried out by our contract service team, it enables the operator to replace an existing property entry point or modify internal pipework under live conditions.

Products meet GIS/SER/6 Specification

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An Under Pressure Tee (UPT) is fitted to the portion of the steel service remaining in commission. The new PE service is then laid and connected to this UPT.

After the foam has cured, a small section of the old service is cut out either side of the foam injection hole and Flexicaps are fitted.

FOAMSTOP™ and FOAMBAG™ kits, together with all the equipment required for Live Service Transfer, are available from Steve Vick International for customers to carry out their own operations.

Using Live Service Transfer For Shielding Customers

In March 2020 the UK entered a period of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This required certain groups to shield at home to reduce the risk to themselves and alleviate the strain on the NHS. Since then restrictions have been lifted or reintroduced throughout different parts of the UK or as a whole. There are also customers self isolating either due to having Covid-19 symptoms or because they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid-19.

This has an affect on the Mains Replace Scheme in that gas supplies to these customers cannot be replaced during this period. However Live Service Transfer can continue in such a way that allows the gas supplies to customers not shielding to be replaced.  Speak to our team to find out how.

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