Rapid Service Isolation

Rapid Service Isolation


Rapid Service Isolation is a safe method for cutting a live service, prior to dead insertion, in no-gas conditions.

This new technique developed by Steve Vick International allows an operative to isolate a metallic low pressure service under ‘no gas’ conditions to enable the service to be safely cut and subsequently dead inserted with a new PE pipe.

Currently, the technique is available for low pressure services (up to 75 mbar) with diameters from ¾” to 1¼”, but it is envisaged that larger diameters will subsequently be added.

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Features and Benefits

  • A safe method of cutting through live services in no gas conditions prior to dead insertion
  • Service can be isolated close to main to minimize excavation
  • Takes only a minute to drill the service (5mm hole)
  • Modified jaw locking pliers fit all sizes in the range (¾” to 1¼”)
  • No waiting time once sealant is injected – service can be cut immediately
  • Sealant is inert – no health/ handling hazards
  • If sealant accidentally enters the main it crumbles presenting no interference
  • Part used cartridges can be re-used
  • Easy-to use applicator gun for injecting sealant
  • Kit is compact and lightweight
  • Entire procedure takes less than three minutes
  • Can be used on bends, sockets and Top-tees

Technical Specifications of the Rapid Service Isolator Kit

  • For Low Pressure Gas Services
  • 3/4″ to 1 1/4″
  • Instant seal non curing sealant fully complies with GIS LC14 – Gas Industry Standard Specification for Annular Gap Sealants

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