Window Cutting

Window Cutting


For customers needing windows cut in ductile iron or steel pipes, we offer a service that is reported to be up to 50% faster than traditional methods.  Suitable for cutting windows in the pipe or for full removal of the pipe.

For use on ductile iron, we use the new Rapid Window Cutter which we developed in conjunction with Wales and West Utilities. It can quickly and safely cut windows in ductile iron mains – for example, cutting an average top tee size window in less than 12 minutes.

For steel pipes, we use the Rapid Window Cutter for Steel which is capable of cutting a typical top tee size window in less than 30 minutes.

Rapid Window Cutters are compact, handheld units for smaller excavations and avoid the need for digging under the main. The unit has precise depth controls, keeping the blade at a safe distance from an inserted pipe.

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Benefits of the Rapid Window Cutter

  • Fast: A typical size window is cut in less than 15 minutes – 50% faster than traditional equipment
  • Safe: The cutting disc is mounted well away from the operator’s hand; automatic emergency cut-off on trigger handle
  • Cost effective: Available to hire, purchase or carried out as a Contract service
  • Easy to use: Compact, lightweight and simple to operate – one man operation
  • Precise: Depth control discs prevent damage to inserted PE; Ideal for use in Live Mains Insertion and dead insertion projects
  • Clean: No water is needed resulting in a cleaner trench
  • Adaptable: Designed to be compact, no need to dig under main
  • Air powered: Uses on-site compressor, avoiding need for extra power source

Technical Specifications of the Rapid Window Cutter

  • Required clearance: Approx. 229mm (9″)
  • Minimum pipe diameter: 76mm (3″)
  • Maximum pipe wall thickness: 13mm (1/2″)
  • Typical cutting time: 10 minutes per window
  • Width: 200mm (8″)
  • Height: 203mm (8″)
  • Length: 230mm (9″)
  • Weight: 7kg (15lbs)

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