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The SMARTester system provides you with a searchable bank of definitive test evidence, giving you the reassurance of absolute traceability. Ideal for smart metering, upstream and downstream of the meter.

Drive competency with the system, which accurately records every step of a test process, making tests smarter and engineers confident that their good practice can be verified. SMARTester guides engineers through industry test stages, guaranteeing compliance and protecting the engineer.

With an abundance of accurate and searchable test evidence, the SMARTester system has the potential to reduce compliance investigation times, saving you time and money.

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How does SMARTester work?


  • A robust, waterproof case is built to withstand the challenges of life in the field.
  • Data is sent wirelessly to the app, providing instantaneous pressure readings.
  • The highly accurate stainless steel pressure sensor allows for readings up to 700 mbar.
  • SMARTester comes with a 12-month calibration certificate, giving you the reassurance of automatic compliance.
  • Currently being developed for higher pressure.

The App

  • Available for iOS and Android, the intuitive app clearly displays test pressure.
  • Recording time, GPS location, photos and data direct from the SMARTester, you can capture who, what, where and when the test was carried out.
  • Select from a range of industry specific tests and the app will guide your engineers through each step, guaranteeing IGEM test conformity.
  • WiFi connection or mobile signal transfers data to the Dashboard. It can also be saved ready to upload when back in range.

The Cloud Based Dashboard

  • Giving you a bank of definitive test evidence with absolute certainty and traceability, the Dashboard is the place that securely stores all test work, including: location, photos and
    calibration certificates.
  • Sign in to the Dashboard, where you can re-motely manage teams by monitoring monthly statistics, real-time workforce analytics and schedule jobs.
  • Need to share test evidence? Results can be emailed as a pdf to colleagues or customers at the press of a button.

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