Pipe Handler – Large Diameter PE

Pipe Handler – Large Diameter PE


In 2009, Steve Vick International launched the Pipe Handler, a tool which attaches to the arm of an excavator to manoeuvre pipe on site and slipline PE into an old main.The current models available can handle diameters of 250mm up to 630mm PE pipe with smaller and larger sizes in progress.

The Pipe Handler attaches either to the quick hitch or bucket pins of an excavator. The operator is then able, from the safety of the cab, to grip the PE, position it in the excavation and insert the pipe in one straightforward, efficient operation.

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Benefits of the Large Diameter Pipe Handler

  • Safer alternative to using an excavator bucket and sling to insert PE pipe
  • Avoids the need for operators to work in the trench
  • Fast – typical insertion speeds of 5-10metres per minute – capable of inserting long lengths of pipe
  • One stage set up for entire insertion operation
  • Simple – no need for anchoring pins
  • Swivel head allows pipe to be positioned ready for insertion

Technical Specifications of the Large Diameter Pipe Handler

  • PE Size: 180mm to 630mm and all sizes in between (and the equivalent measurements)
  • Functions: Grip/release – PE pipe is inserted or retracted using excavator arm
  • Maximum Height: 800mm(31″) to 2120mm (83″) depending on size of PH
  • Maximum Width: 720mm (28″) to 1360mm (54″) depending on size of PH
  • Length: 720mm (28″)
  • Top Bracket Pins: 44mm (2 of each) (adaptor’s available for large excavators)
  • Hydraulic Fittings: Typically, 3/8″ and 3/4″ flat face quick fit couplers
  • Weight: 340kg to 490kg depending on size of PH

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