Pipe Coil Trailers

Pipe Coil Trailers


Around 3,000 of our pipe coil trailers have now been sold throughout the world, evidence of their effectiveness and efficiency in assisting pipe laying activities.

Safety considerations are paramount in the design of our trailers. The coil is restrained within a steel cage whilst the two ends of PE are secured. The central drum design ensures smooth dispensing.

In 2008 we revised the design of the 180 trailer. The new design avoids the need for the operator to climb on the trailer to access the rear loading gate. Instead the gate can be opened from the ground using a lever mechanism.

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Benefits of Pipe Coil Trailers

  • Unique central drum design ensures pipe is dispensed/
    recoiled smoothly and quickly
  • Pipe may be easily re-wound to save unused PE
    (unreeled section between trench and trailer)
  • Capable of being towed by a standard long
    wheelbase vehicle
  • No need for operatives to step or climb onto the frame
    Easy to manoeuvre and transport
  • No need for operatives to put hands within the rotating
    drum at any stage
  • Leading end of PE is strapped to the frame to prevent it
    ‘springing’ and to avoid injury hazard
Additional Benefits of the Hexi Trailer
  • By using 500m coils, savings on pipe wastage of up to
    15 – 20% are possible*
  • Hexagonal drum and rear gate are raised and lowered
    using lever operated hydraulics
  • Despite large capacity, comprises only a single axle for easy
    manoeuvrability and transport
  • One-man operation to remove and replace six drum bars
    Interlock braking system – drum cannot be raised without
    brake being engaged

* The wastage of PE pipe is caused by left over lengths from
100 metre coils being too short for most insertion purposes.
Using 500 metre coils, however, leaves useful lengths.

Head over to our Hexi Trailer Page for further details.

Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer

Hexi Trailer

The latest addition to the range is the Hexi trailer which is the first trailer of its type capable of transporting and dispensing a 500 metre coil of 63mm, 75mm or 90mm PE. With two drum bar positions to cater for varying inner coil dimensions—2.5m and 1.8m, the Hexi trailer can also handle 125mm coils up to 200m.  For full details on our Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer see our Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer page.

180 Pipe Coil Trailer

180 Pipe Coil TrailerThe double-axle 180 trailer handles coils of PE with a pipe diameter from 40mm to 180mm. It accommodates a 100 metre coil of 180mm SDR 11/17 PE.

The central drum design ensures smooth, easy dispensing. All loading and dispensing procedures are operated from ground level to conform with GIS/E49 specification.

Trailers are robust in construction, maintenance requirements are low and the trailers can be towed by a typical long wheelbase vehicle. Our trailers are suitable for registration in all EU countries.

125/160 Pipe Coil Trailer

This trailer handles coils of PE with a diameter from 40mm up to 160mm. It accommodates a 100 metre coil of 160mm SDR17 PE and a 150 metre coil of 125mm SDR17 PE.

50/90 Pipe Coil Trailer

The smallest trailer in the Steve Vick range handles PE with diameters from 40mm to 125mm. For example, it takes a 100 metre coil of 90mm PE and a 50 metre coil of 125mm.



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