DRAINBLOCK BAG™ is a system which allows a disused lateral to be sealed off, remotely, at the point where it joins the downstream drain or sewer.

The system uses a twin fabric bag containing an expanding polyurethane resin foam, and is based on the FOAMBAG™ technique which the company initially developed some 40 years ago for use in the gas distribution industry.

The major advantage of the DRAINBLOCK BAG™ is that it is positioned from an access point up to 15 metres away from the joint with the main. This avoids the need to excavate in the highway – a particular benefit at busy junctions and other sensitive locations.

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DRAINBLOCK BAG™ prevents ground water from entering sewers, stops the passage of odour and discourages the movement of rats and other vermin. The entire lateral can be filled behind the bag, if required, thus avoiding unauthorised connection to clean water drainage systems.

For use on clay, concrete, ductile, and plastic pipes. Kits are available for sealing off 100mm/4” and 150mm/6” diameter pipes. Other sizes available to order.

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Features and Benefits

  • Prevents ground water entering sewers  Drainblock WRC Approved
  • Avoids unauthorised connections with abandoned pipes
  • Stops the passage of odour or airborne particles
  • Discourages the movement of rats and other vermin
  • WRc Approved
  • Available as a contract service

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