Rapid Window Cutter

Rapid Window Cutter


Ductile iron is notoriously problematic because it cannot be broken out like cast iron. The Rapid Window Cutter solves this problem.

It is a hand held tool designed for precise, fast cutting of windows in abandoned or inserted ductile mains, without damaging the previously inserted PE.

The new design introduces a revolutionary alternative to established methods, typically cutting a window on 100mm/4” ductile iron in under 10 minutes.

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Easy to operate, the cutter simply connects to the onsite compressor. A single operative can then engage the trigger, lower the blade and glide the unit along the main. The operator can pivot the chassis easily to change from circumferential to longitudinal cuts.

Since its development the Rapid Window Cutter has won first place in the Best Gas Improvement Category at The UK Energy Innovation Awards 2015; both Steve Vick International and Wales and West Utilities are extremely proud of this achievement.

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Benefits Of The Rapid Window Cutter

  • Fast: A typical size window is cut in less than 15 minutes – 50% faster than traditional equipment
  • Safe: The cutting disc is mounted well away from the operator’s hand; automatic emergency cut-off on trigger handle
  • Cost effective: Available to hire, purchase or carried out as a Contract service
  • Easy to use: Compact, lightweight and simple to operate – one man operation
  • Precise: Depth control discs prevent damage to inserted PE; Ideal for use in Live Mains Insertion and dead insertion projects
  • Clean: No water is needed resulting in a cleaner trench
  • Adaptable: Designed to be compact, no need to dig under main
  • Air powered: Uses on-site compressor, avoiding need for extra power source

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