Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer

Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer


The Hexi Pipe Coil Trailer is the latest addition to the Steve Vick International trailer range. It’s the first trailer of its type capable of transporting and dispensing a 500 metre coil of 63mm, 75mm or 90mm PE. With two drum bar positions to cater for varying inner coil dimensions – 2.5m and 1.8m, the Hexi trailer can also handle 125mm coils up to 150m.

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Steve Vick International have been manufacturing and supplying pipe coil trailers and pipe handlers to utility companies, contractors and hire companies for over a decade. Our products have gained an excellent reputation for being innovative, robust, reliable and manufactured with safety as the number one priority.

We offer a range of pipe coil trailers and pipe handlers, to suit the varying diameters of PE pipe, enabling you to select the right trailer and handler for the job.

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Benefits of the Hexi Trailer

  • Cost saving—by using 500m coils, savings on pipe wastage of up to 15-20% have been proven*
  • Environmentally friendly—significant reduction in carbon footprint as a result of using 500m coils.
  • Calculations have shown a reduction of 400 tonnes pa. which is equivalent to a financial carbon value of around £22,000 a year **
  • Effective dispensing—adjustable close fit drum bars for varying coil ID’s optimising smooth dispensing
  • Easy to use—raised central drum design ensures pipe is dispensed/recoiled smoothly and quickly—avoiding the need for operatives to manhandle the coil
  • Improved safety—Rear gate is hydraulically controlled, avoiding the need to work at height
  • Practical—Pipe may be easily re-wound to save unused PE (unreeled section between trench and trailer)

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