MACAW Pipe Cracker

MACAW Pipe Cracker


The MACAW, suitable for cracking 8” to 24” cast iron mains attaches to the quick-hitch or bucket pins of a mini excavator.

Designed for use with a typical 1.5 to 3 tonne mini excavator, the entire operation is controlled from the cab, using the excavator’s hydraulic power, the operative manoeuvres the arms around the pipe and then applies sufficient pressure to crack the pipe.

Differently sized arms can be attached to the base unit to accommodate varying sizes of pipe.

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Benefits of MACAW Pipe Crackers

  • Safer and faster than using a ‘podger bar’ or sledge hammer
  • Does not require access around the whole circumference of the pipe
  • Controlled pressure applied via the excavator’s hydraulic power
  • Cracking operation carried out from the safety of the cab
  • For use on abandoned and inserted mains, without damaging internal PE
  • Easy to operate – highly manoeuvrable
  • Attaches to quick-hitch or bucket pins of a mini excavator
  • Using differently sized arms, cracks pipes from 8” to 24” diameter
  • Ideal for use with Large diameter Live Mains Insertion

Technical Specifications of the MACAW Pipe Crackers

  • Required clearance: 150mm (6″)
  • Pipe diameter range: 8″ to 36″ (250mm to 914mm)
  • Typical breakout time: Approx. 5 minuets
  • Width: 294mm (11″)
  • Height: Varies with size of beak – Approx. 1m
  • Length: Max 510 (20″) (fully open)
  • Weight: 130kg (286lbs) without beak
  • Weight of beak (range 8″ to 36″): 46kg (101lbs) to 110kg (242lbs)

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