Keel Cutter

Keel Cutter


In the Gas industry, Keel Cutters are an essential tool when carrying out alterations and diversions – any instance where a circumferential cut is required on a main whether or not it has already been inserted with PE.

When fitted on the main, minimum clearance is required to allow the blade to track around the pipe delivering a clean circumferential cut in minutes. The Keel Cutters can cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic, cement and other types of pipe up to 1600mm diameter.

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The Keel Cutter can also be used in preparation when welding by using a specialised bevelled angle blade.

Available for hire or purchase. Pipe cutting is also offered as a contract service.

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Benefits of the Keel Cutter

  • Cutter automatically tracks around the pipe
  • Cuts steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos*, cement and plastic pipe
  • Fast cutting time – typicaly 8 minutes to cut a 300mm diameter cast iron pipe
  • Only 200mm to 250mm clearance required (depending on model)
  • Works in water if required
  • Different blades available for different pipe material (diamond, tungsten carbide tipped etc)
  • Lightweight – easy to set up and operate
  • Comes with tool kit and security box

* Please note: If a hired Keel Cutter is to be used on asbestos, the customer must pay for special cleaning which can be arranged by Steve Vick International if required

Technical Specifications of the Keel Cutter


  • Required pipe circumference clearance: 300mm (12″)
  • Minimum pipe diameter: 200mm (8″) to 750mm (30″) (900mm with extension chain)
  • Maximum depth of cut: 125mm (5″) Blade: 20mm / 150mm (6″) Blade: 32mm
  • Approximate cutting speed: 140mm (6″) per minute
  • Width: 350mm (14″)
  • Height: 190mm (7″)
  • Length: 300mm (12″)
  • Weight: 20kg (44lbs)


  • Required pipe circumference clearance: 600mm (24″)
  • Minimum pipe diameter: 250mm (10″) to 1600mm (63″)
  • Maximum depth of cut: 175mm (7″) Blade: 40mm / 200mm (8″) Blade: 50mm
  • Approximate cutting speed: 100mm (4″) per minute
  • Width: 530mm (21″)
  • Height: 340mm (13″)
  • Length: 450mm (18″)
  • Weight: 36.5kg (80.5lbs)

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