Some four decades ago, we developed a low-cost flow stopping system called FOAMBAG™, based on the use of expanding resin foam. This effective yet simple technique works on all types of pipe material including cast iron, steel and PE. FOAMBAG™ is extremely versatile and can be used on vertical or tapering pipes, bends and non-standard diameters.

The major advantage of using FOAMBAG™ over conventional flow stopping bags is that far less pipe needs to be exposed resulting in considerably smaller excavations and reduced reinstatement costs. FOAMBAG™ has become an industry standard technique in the UK and has been used in many areas overseas including mainland Europe, the USA, Scandinavia and the Far East.

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The technique works by inserting a semi-porous bag into the pipe to hold the foam in place as it expands. At full expansion, some of the foam seeps through the semi-porous material to adhere to the pipe wall.

Although developed for flow stopping natural gas pipes, FOAMBAG™ can also be used to seal pipes carrying other gases and fluids.

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Benefits of FOAMBAG™

  • Systems meet UK gas industry standard T/SP/E/59
  • Low cost, safe and easy to use
  • Well proven technique
  • Kits available for pipe diameters up to 10”
  • Ideal where space is limited—needs less pipe length exposed than conventional methods
  • Suitable for non-standard sizes, tapers, bends and vertical pipework

Specification Patent No. 2157390

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