SVI fill 380 metre section of decommissioned fuel line at canal bridge

January 18, 2022

Steve Vick International’s Contract Service team were recently asked to assist in filling a section of decommissioned fuel pipeline.  The pipeline was situated beside a canal bridge in Staffordshire.

W B Civil & Mechanical Ltd was carrying out a project which involved diverting a 10” diameter fuel line and decommissioning a section of it which was 380 metres in length.  The pipeline was situated close to Hayward Marina and ran underground but emerged above ground to pass over the canal.  It was the above ground section which needed to be decommissioned and this was carried out by filling the pipe with grout and cutting and capping it off.

The SVI technicians mixed the cementitious grout on site in a mix and inject rig and, working from the centre of the bridge, pumped it into the severed pipe for a distance of some 190m in either direction.

The pipe filling operation took one day to complete. Matthew Wynne, of W B Civil & Mechanical said,

“We contacted Steve Vick International because we had previously used them on similar jobs in the gas industry and their technique is well proven.  They did a fantastic job on this project, everything came in on schedule, the work was done in a timely and tidy manner and the guys were an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

SVI have a rich history of working on a variety of grouting projects for different industries.  SVI have used grout to fill old fuel lines on the air side of Heathrow Airport where the airplanes taxi and have also completed a number of railway projects such as the A2 railway crossing in Dartford where grout was used to fill the annular space in a 120-metre-long length of pipe.  More recently SVI assisted SGN on a complex reinforcement project at the Caledonian Canal, Inverness and assisted in decommissioning a steel gas pipeline at Surrey Quays.