Steve Vick Supply Pipe Cutters To Sri Lanka

July 1, 2013

Steve Vick International has recently supplied an Automatic Pipe Cutting machine for use on the Greater Trincomalee Integrated Water Supply Project on the north east coast of Sri Lanka.

The N600 Keel Cutter is powered by hydraulics to enable a blade to automatically track around the circumference of a pipe wall. In Sri Lanka it will be used to cut through cast iron and steel pipes up to a diameter of 600mm.

The project, part funded by the French Government, is being led by the National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Trincomalee. It will provide 65,000 new connections bringing piped drinking water to 330,000 people in this largely agricultural area. When the project is completed, the pipe-borne water supply will be increased from 5.5m gallons to 12 million gallons a day. 90% of the pipes are ductile iron and 10% are steel in the size range 80mm to 600mm.

The machine was purchased on behalf of the National Water Supply & Drainage Board by Lanka Development, a company which specialises in engineering design and execution contracts in the water and sewerage, construction and power sectors in Sri Lanka.

Steve Vick Keel Cutters automatically cut around the circumference of cast iron, ductile iron, steel, plastic, asbestos, cement and other types of pipes from 200mm to 1500mm in diameter. Cutting time is fast with a typical speed of 8 minutes to cut around the circumference of a 300mm cast iron pipe. Only 200mm to 250mm clearance (depending on the model) is required beneath the pipe, minimising the depth of the excavation required and the machine will work even in standing water. The machines are lightweight (20kg/36.5kg)

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