Steve Vick Keel Cutters Used For Ugandan Water Project

March 27, 2019

Steve Vick International (SVI) have exported three N600 Keel Cutters to Uganda to carry out work on a large, high profile project designed to improve the living conditions of the residents of Kampala through provision of a safe and reliable water supply and improved sanitation until 2040.

Safety was a high priority for the project and it was felt by the contractors that Steve Vick International’s Keel Cutters, which automatically track around the main, would offer a safer method of circumferentially cutting and bevelling ductile water pipes when compared with traditional methods using hand held grinders and stihl saws.

The machines are powered by a hydraulic power pack allowing the blade to track automatically around the circumference of the pipe wall at a cutting speed of approximately 140mm per minute.  One of the many benefits of the Keel Cutter is that minimum clearance is required around the pipe, only 200mm to 250mm depending on the model, thus reducing size of excavation.

SVI’s N600 Keel Cutters will be used on a 52km stretch of 1400mm ductile water pipeline and approximately seven off takes of 700mm water pipeline.

The N600 keel cutter has an additional benefit, when used with a guide ring it can automatically cut and bevel ductile iron up to 1600mm diameter, making it quicker and more accurate than traditional methods.   The N600’s cutting speed is approximately 100mm per minute which helps save time and therefore costs.

SVI were asked to deliver onsite training to the teams using the Keel Cutters.  Andy Hutchison, Technical Support Engineer for Steve Vick International, travelled to Uganda to deliver the training to three teams, made up of nine operators and three foremen.

Andy Hutchison commented “The feedback was positive and the teams were impressed with the keel cutters.  They particularly liked how the cutters could cut and bevel at the same time and that they are lightweight, easy to set up and operate.”

The whole programme is set to last for two years, finishing in 2020.

The SVI Keel Cutters are designed to cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos, cement and plastic pipe.  SVI are the exclusive worldwide supplier of Keel Cutters.

Keel Cutters are just one of a wide range of pipe cutting and cracking products supplied by SVI, many of which have been designed by the company as a solution to specific problems in the utilities industry.