Steve Vick International’s Vital Contribution to Europe’s Largest Infrastructure Project – Phase Three

October 10, 2023

In the ongoing journey of Europe’s most extensive infrastructure project, Steve Vick International (SVI) once again played a crucial role in ensuring the success of Anglian Water’s visionary project. As part of the final and most challenging phase of this project, JN Bentley appointed SVI to provide a grout filling operation that showcased the adaptability and versatility of our expertise.

Project Overview

The multi-phase initiative, led by Anglian Water, aimed to create a network of interconnected water pipelines stretching across hundreds of kilometres, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh, clean water across the region. This ambitious endeavour represents one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, a testament to its scale and importance in safeguarding the future water supply.

Phase three of this colossal undertaking involved constructing a network of interconnecting pipelines from Grantham to Peterborough, a critical link in the chain to secure the region’s water supply. This stage presented unique challenges, primarily due to its remote location, which demanded a specialised solution to fill the annular space between the 800mm steel pipe and the 1200mm sleeve.

The SVI Grout Filling Operation

SVI, renowned for its expertise in grout filling operations across various industries, was entrusted with the task of ensuring the integrity and longevity of this vital water infrastructure. Operating in the middle of nowhere, with minimal access, SVI demonstrated the adaptability and versatility of its grout filling procedure.

Our team deployed a manoeuvrable grout filling rig specially designed to navigate challenging terrains and remote locations. The task at hand was to fill the annular space between the steel pipeline and the sleeve, a crucial step in protecting the newly inserted water main from potential damage due to external factors such as the weight of the earth above or the intrusion of extraneous matter and animals.

The grout filling process was meticulously executed, ensuring the structural integrity of the pipeline and the long-term protection of the sleeve. It exemplified SVI’s commitment to delivering efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for critical infrastructure projects.

Testimonial from JN Bentley

Alvaro Palacios, Site Agent at JN Bentley, shared his thoughts on SVI’s contribution, stating, “We were faced with the challenge of filling the annular space in a remote and difficult location. SVI’s grout filling process proved to be the flexible and adaptable solution we needed to overcome this obstacle. Their manoeuvrable grout filling rig and expertise made it possible to protect the integrity of our water pipeline, even in the most challenging conditions. SVI’s commitment to excellence and innovation was evident throughout the project.”


In the final phase of Europe’s largest infrastructure project, Steve Vick International once again played a pivotal role in ensuring the success and longevity of Anglian Water’s visionary network of interconnected pipelines. SVI’s adaptability, versatility, and commitment to delivering efficient solutions in challenging conditions showcased our dedication to safeguarding the future of clean water supply across the region. As we continue to face evolving infrastructure challenges, SVI remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in grout filling operations.