Steve Vick International’s Innovative Grout Filling Project for Wales & West Utilities in Aberdare

February 13, 2024

Steve Vick International’s Contract Services team recently completed a challenging project in Aberdare, Wales, commissioned by Wales & West Utilities and Transport for Wales. The project involved grout filling a recently decommissioned gas main, covering 150 metres of 300mm steel pipe, located beneath a newly laid railway track.

Deploying two grout rigs, the team employed a quick pumped gravity-fed application for efficient steel pipe filling. This innovative approach significantly reduced the overall completion time, with the entire 150-metre length filled in just 90 minutes, totaling 10.6 cubic metres. Remote management through gravity-fed grout rigs ensured seamless execution without disrupting the rail network, and the team could effectively carry out the filling from a distance of 100 metres.

The use of gravity-fed grout rigs not only facilitated high flow rates but also prevented surface slump—an imperative consideration given the proximity of the old gas main to the operating railway. The team’s ability to mix grout in-line as they progressed minimised wastage, showcasing a commitment to efficiency and resource optimisation.

Michael Vagg, First Line Manager, Capital Delivery Team, Wales & West Utilities commented, “I am highly impressed with the speed and quality of the service provided by Steve Vick International’s Contract Services team. Their efficient execution ensured no disruption to existing railway operations, underscoring their professionalism and effectiveness.”

SVI’s grouting services cover a broad range of pipes (80mm to 1220mm), and the availability of thermos conductivity grouts for cable installations underscore the versatility of their solutions.

Steve Vick International’s Contract Services team consistently delivers high-quality and efficient grouting solutions across various sectors, showcasing their expertise in the gas, water, nuclear, and civil engineering fields. The Aberdare project exemplifies their commitment to innovation, safety, and client satisfaction, with a strong focus on minimising disruptions and bmaximising operational efficiency.

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