Steve Vick International supplies automatic pipe cutting machines to Sri Lanka

February 22, 2017

Steve Vick International (SVI) has supplied two N450 Keel Cutters to Megatech (Pvt) Ltd, their agent in Sri Lanka, for use by the island’s Water Resource Board. The machines are designed to automatically cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and other types of pipes.

SVI are the exclusive worldwide supplier of Keel Cutters. The machines are powered by a hydraulic power pack allowing the blade to track automatically around the circumference of the pipe wall at a cutting speed of approximately 140mm per minute.

An important feature of the machines is that, if required, they can accurately bevel the edge of ductile iron and steel pipes whilst tracking around the pipe, enabling easier welding and coupling. Minimum clearance is required around the pipe thus reducing excavation. The N450 model cuts pipe up to 750mm diameter and up to 900mm diameter with the extension chain fitted.

A larger model, the N600, is available to cut and bevel pipes from 250mm up to 1600mm at a speed of up to 100mm per minute.

The Water Resource Board will be using the machines for cutting pipes from 150mm to 700mm diameter. Mr Senarath of Megatech says, “Compared with other methods of pipe cutting, such as manual cutting or pneumatic machines, Keel Cutters are especially suitable for cutting under water, when repairing damaged pipes in operation and where there are a large number of cuts.”

Keel Cutters are lightweight machines which are easy to transport, set up and operate; different blades are available for varying pipe material types. A tool kit and carrying case is supplied.

Keel Cutters are just one of a wide range of pipe cutting and cracking products supplied by SVI, many of which have been designed by the company as a solution to specific problems in the utilities industry.