Steve Vick International named worldwide supplier of Keel Cutters and launch pipe bevelling capabilities

November 22, 2016

Steve Vick International (SVI) can now bring their expertise to the pipeline construction industry, by offering the adapted N600 Keel Cutter. This new feature has the ability to bevel or chamfer ductile iron pipes.

SVI recently became the exclusive worldwide supplier of all Keel Cutter models – machines that automatically cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and other types of pipes, and it was a request from the Middle East that led to the development of the adapted N600 model.

The development team went through a stringent process of design, testing and approval at the purpose built SVI premises in Wiltshire. The outcome of this process was an N600 model that combines all the original features e.g. fast cutting speed and manoeuvrability, with the ability to accurately bevel the edge of ductile iron pipes as large as 1600mm diameter, whilst tracking around the pipe.

Cutting tools that bevel the edge of pipes are beneficial to the Pipeline Construction industry because they enable easier welding and coupling.

SVI worked hard to ensure the accuracy of the N600 Keel Cutter, recognising that improper bevelling can lead to weld failures, which can ultimately cause leaks.

The new N600 model is available for purchase or hire both in the UK and abroad. Please visit or email for more information.