Steve Vick International Export Trailers to Pipeserv in Australia

December 22, 2021

Pipeserv, Steve Vick International’s Distributor in Australia, has recently taken delivery of two SVI  Pipe Coil Trailers, a 50/90 and a 125/160 model which are designed to safely transport and dispense coiled PE pipe.

The 125/160 Pipe Coil Trailer has been sold to a gas distribution network (GDN) in South Australia who currently have a project comprising a 20km network of gas pipeline that needs to be inserted with 125mm PE pipe.  Adding to their existing fleet of SVI trailers, which until now has been only 50/90’s the GDN has already fed back what a great investment the larger trailer has been for the 125mm PE project. The 125/160 model has allowed them to use 125mm PE coils for the first time, before this project, 75mm PE was the largest coil size used across the network.

The 125/160 Pipe Coil Trailer handles coils of PE with a diameter from 40mm up to 160mm.  It can accommodate a 100m coil of 160mm or a 150m coil of 125mm.

The smallest model in the Steve Vick range, the 50/90 Pipe Coil Trailer, handles PE with diameters from 40mm to 125mm. For example, it takes a 100 metre coil of 90mm PE and a 50 metre coil of 125mm.

The SVI trailers are also designed with safety as the number one priority.  The unique central drum design ensures the pipe is dispensed or recoiled smoothly and quickly.  The whole operation can take place from ground level and there is no need for operatives to put hands within the rotating drum at any stage.  The coil is restrained within a steel cage to prevent it ‘springing away’ and pipe is restrained during transport and dispensing.  The trailers are robust in construction, the maintenance requirements are low and the trailers can be towed by a typical long wheelbase vehicle.

The 50/90 and the 125/160 pipe coil trailers form part of a larger range of trailers available for purchase from Steve Vick International and their distributors.