Steve Vick International Assist Cadent with a Live Riser Transfer

January 18, 2022

Steve Vick International’s (SVI) Contract Service team assisted Cadent with a Live Riser Transfer project at Shropshire House in North London.

Following a survey of the high-rise block of flats, carried out by Cadent, severe corrosion was identified on the inlet supply at the base of the riser, just above ground level.  Cadent immediately started planning the best method of remedying to remove the risk.

One option was for the riser pipe to be completely replaced but this would have affected 46 flats and caused significant disruption to the residents living in Shropshire House.  It would also have been a costly exercise.  With the customer at the forefront of their minds, Cadent decided to contact Steve Vick International to see if their Contract Service team could assist by performing a Live Riser Transfer.  This is a technique which allows a gas riser within a building to be partly renewed or transferred to a new main without switching off the customers gas supply.  The Live Riser Transfer technique is available for use on 1” to 6” diameter low pressure services.

The SVI team surveyed the riser and confirmed that the technique would indeed be suitable.  It was therefore agreed between Cadent and Steve Vick International that two connections, a 3” and a 2”, would be replaced.

K-S Pipe Contractors constructed the welded steel on the new transfer and Steve Vick International fitted and tested the new connections.

Dean Tattam, Lead Delivery Engineer at Cadent commented:

“The Live Riser Transfer technique is a significant game changer as it allows for the partial renewal of a riser.  This significantly cuts time onsite and reduces costs, but the real benefit is that there’s no customer interruption to any supplies and avoids the need to enter flats to carry out works to restore the gas. This technique is especially important where there are vulnerable customers present”

The project was completed in 14 days without a single customer having their gas supply interrupted.