Steve Vick Exhibit At Nu-tech, Sellafield

March 25, 2011

The product which received most attention was the High Integrity FOAMBAG. Designed exclusively for the nuclear decommissioning industry, the High Integrity FOAMBAG™, offers a means of filling and permanently sealing pipework from a remote point of access even when fully submerged in water. The system can be modified to meet bespoke project requirements.

The High Integrity FOAMBAG™ is based on our well proven FOAMBAG™ technique, which uses a semi-porous fabric bag which is inserted into a pipe using specialised equipment. An expanding PU resin foam is then injected into the fabric bag via an injection tube. The bag holds the foam in place as it expands; at full expansion some of the foam seeps through the semi porous material to adhere to the pipe wall creating a permanent seal.

Having been reengineered to suit the nuclear industry, the High Integrity FOAMBAG™ differs from the original FOAMBAG™, in a number of ways; the most obvious is its shape. Designed to create a central void it takes on a dumbbell like profile, which allows for a second filling operation with a high performance resin. It uses a non-porous fabric bag to prevent unwanted foam entering the central void, however the stitched ends allows surplus foam to seep through, eliminating excessive loading on the pipe wall during installation.

Once injected, the high performance resin forms a watertight chemical bond between the pipe wall and the High Integrity FOAMBAG™ creating a permanent seal against high pressures, vibrations and shock loading.

Both the FOAMBAG™ and the High Integrity FOAMBAG™ can be modified to meet specific project require.