Pipeline Industries Guild and Steve Vick International (SVI) Showcase Latest Innovations at “The Transition from Gas to Water Showcase”

September 13, 2023

Last Thursday, the Pipeline Industries Guild and Steve Vick International (SVI) came together to host an exciting event titled
“The Transition from Gas to Water Showcase.” This collaboration, featuring a range of pioneering products and techniques,
signifies a significant stride towards breaking down industry boundaries and forging connections between the worlds of gas
and water.

The event went beyond mere discussion, bringing innovation to life with live demonstrations of equipment that has
successfully made the transition from gas to water applications. Among the products showcased were:

Hexi Trailer: A revolutionary transport and dispensing system capable of handling 63-90mm coils of all lengths up to 500
meters or 150 meters of 125mm PE pipe.

Perpetual Pipe Pusher: A digger attachment engineered to continuously insert PE pipe ranging from 63mm up to 180mm.
Utilising hydraulically driven rubberised rollers, it achieves remarkable insertion speeds of up to 25 metres per minute.

Rapid Rotary Cutter: An innovative circumferential cutter designed for steel, ductile, and cast iron mains with diameters of
up to 300mm/ 12″.

PE Pipe Cutter: A precision circumferential cutter engineered for swift and safe cutting of large diameter PE pipe in a single

The Pipe Handler: The original digger-mounted pushing machine designed for Tier 2 mains. It excels in inserting and
manoeuvring sticks of PE pipe ranging from 250mm up to 900mm and is compatible with 5-11 tonne diggers.

One standout success story from the showcase was the remarkable performance of SVI’s Grout Filling services within the
water industry. Provided as a Contract Service, Grout Filling has consistently excelled in sealing large diameter utility mains,
whether they are being inserted or abandoned, and it continues to gain significant attention for its contributions to the

The event drew an enthusiastic crowd of industry professionals and stakeholders who joined in celebrating these innovative
advancements. This collaborative effort between the Pipeline Industries Guild and SVI exemplifies a commitment to building
bridges and creating a brighter future for the industry as a whole.

As the journey of innovation continues, both SVI and the Pipeline Industries Guild invite you to stay tuned for more exciting
developments on the horizon.