No Dig Live 2022

August 25, 2022

Steve Vick International (SVI) have an impressive lineup of innovations they’ll be demonstrating at No Dig Live 2022.

One of the most talked about is their new PE Pipe Cutter, a joint NIA project with Northern Gas Networks.  The PE Pipe Cutter is a circumferential cutter capable of cutting large PE pipe in a single rotation, quickly and safely – on pipe diameters above 250mm with a wall thickness of up to 70mm.  Additionally, SVI’s Pipe Feeder for pre-insulated pipe, commonly used for District Heating will be demonstrated.  The Pipe Feeder is an attachment that fits onto the SVI trailers and enables the insulated pipe to be pulled off the trailer with ease.  As the pipe passes through the feeder it’s straightened, allowing for easier dispensing.

Hexi Trailer

SVI’s full range of Pipe Handlers and Pipe Cutters will also be on display and available for demonstration.  Of particular interest is the Rapid Rotary Cutter for ductile and steel which is now capable of cutting pipe up to 12” in diameter.

SVI’s Contract Service techniques,  ESEAL and FBOS will also be showcased and there will be a chance to see one of SVI’s latest innovations, the new PE Live Head for Live Mains Insertion.  The NEW 90mm PE Live Head, for Live Mains Insertion is an internally electrofused Live Head which offers a streamlined shape with the Live Head sitting flush with the PE. This allows for easy insertion into a 4” main and makes negotiating bends less challenging. The NEW PE head can also be used on 4-8” mains.

SVI looks forward to welcoming customers old and new to the stand where they can be assured of some interesting demonstrations, a warm welcome, a hot coffee and some tempting treats.