New PE Cutting Blade For Keel Cutter

October 14, 2010

Since Steve Vick International acquired South + West Pipe Tools in early 2010, extensive testing work has been carried out to find a blade that cuts through polyethylene pipe in a safe and controlled manner.

In the gas distribution sector, for example, when introducing a new connection and dealing with large diameter PE pipe it is customary to carry out a flowstopping operation so that a section of pipe may be safely cut out. It is essential for the cuts on the existing PE main to have a clean, straight edge to allow a quality joining weld, creating a lifelong gas tight seal.

The new specialised PE blade is able to cut a wide range of SDR sizes – SDR 11 up to 355mm, SDR 17.6 up to 560mm, SDR 21 up to 630mm (including Pro-fuse and Secura-Line Pipes) and SDR 26 up to 800mm.

South + West Pipe Tools is the sole supplier of Keel Cutters in the UK, machines that automatically cut a wide range of pipe materials including steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement and now PE.

Two models are available: the N450 which cuts pipes up to 900mm diameter and the N600 which handles pipes up to 1500mm diameter. The pipe cutter is powered by a hydraulic power pack allowing the blade to track automatically around the circumference of the pipe wall.

The N450 Keel Cutter is available to hire from Steve Vick International Ltd. Both models of the Keel Cutter are available to purchase from South + West Pipe Tools.