Isn’t It Finally Time To Get Smart About Gas Pressure Testing?

June 1, 2017

Introducing the new SVI SMARTester — a highly accurate wireless gas pressure tester.
Wales & West Utilities has built a first class reputation for safety within the industry. In seeking to improve on the conventional water gauge test used on new gas service supplies, Wales & West Utilities collaborated with Steve Vick International (SVI), as part of a NIA project to develop the SMARTester.

The SVI SMARTester is a highly accurate wireless pressure sensor that transmits data to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Allowing evidence traceability, it offers a simple, accurate way to report live pressure tests back to an office database.

Built to withstand tough, wet and demanding environments, the SMARTester is extremely robust.
The digital stainless steel pressure sensor ensures accurate readings between 0 and 700 mbar, to accurate reading up to 1 bar and long distance connectivity allows the user to monitor pressure readings from up to 100 metres away.

The device uses two standard AA batteries and offers a battery life in excess of a year.

Custom built App

The purpose built App displays live pressure data from the sensor and records test activity.
The App guides the user through the process, with a menu of industry specific test’s to choose from.
Live pressure data is recorded at the touch of a button and added to the test certificate.
A photograph of the meter location is included in the data to assist with asset management and precise positional information is recorded using the phone’s GPS.

An on-board calibration certificate unique to each device ensures test authenticity. Every time the SMARTester is connected to the phone or tablet, the certificate is verified.

The Cloud—back office Control Panel

Data sent from the phone or tablet to the cloud is displayed in an easy to read dashboard where monthly statistics and real-time workforce analytics can be monitored. GPS position, pressure readings, date and time along with calibration information are all stored within the printable test record.
At the control centre, results arrive from the job site in seconds and reports may be exported as PDF files.

The database can be connected to existing enterprise resource programmes enabling scheduling and task management to be fully integrated. Test regimes are easy to edit so that the latest industry standards are rolled out seamlessly ensuring up to the minute conformance.


Wales & West Utilities comments:

“Demanding safety always for customers and colleagues is a priority for us and since we started operations in 2005, we’ve built an award winning reputation based on keeping customers and colleagues safe and delivering outstanding service.

“Previously, pressure testing new gas supplies to homes and businesses was done by using water gauges.
Working alongside Steve Vick International, we have developed a tool and associated smartphone app that not only allows accurate pressure testing it also provides a digital record as evidence that a pressure test has been done – and its result.

“Using the SVI SMARTester will mean the 300,000 gas tightness readings we do every year will be even more accurate, allowing us to identify potential problems with gas supplies earlier on and making sure we can continue to keep the 7.5m people we serve safe and warm.”

Martyn Pallant, Project Lead, Wales & West Utilities