More change at the top for Steve Vick International

December 21, 2021

Steve Vick International are pleased to announce the promotion of Caspar Vick to Director of Contract Services. 

Caspar, one of Steve Vick’s sons, brings with him a wealth of experience through his many years working in the business.  Officially, Caspar started working for Steve Vick International in 2009 although he always showed a keen interest from a young age and was often seen onsite with his father as a child. 

 During the early days, Caspar worked on the assembly line, in the Production Department, where he helped to pack foam kits and assemble Lyontec gland boxes for the increasingly popular Live Mains Insertion (LMI) technique.  

In 2010, Caspar was promoted to Contracting Engineer, as part of the Contract Services team.   However, with the continued growth of LMI, a full time Technical Support Engineer was required in the South East.  So, in 2012, Caspar moved to London to take up this new role, within which he coordinated the roll out of a company-wide Live Mains Insertion training programme for SGN.  In addition to this he offered onsite technical support for local Gas Distribution Networks.  Caspar also helped to expand the export side of the business, growing the sales of the Keel Cutter in the Middle East and Sri Lanka.   

In 2018 Caspar moved back to work at the Head Office in Bradford on Avon and was promoted to Contract Services Operations Manager, a role which he has successfully carried out over the past three years and has seen the department go from strength to strength. 

SVI’s Contract Service team are a core function of the business. Whilst known primarily for their work in the field of renewing and repairing underground gas pipes for the UK Gas Distribution Networks, the team are becoming increasingly involved in projects being undertaken by water utilities, electricity providers, rail networks, civil engineers, construction companies and local councils. This reflects the range of skills and expertise available to solve on-site problems associated with pipe repair, renovation, and diversion. 

Located strategically around the UK, the highly skilled team can provide a fast response, emergency repairs and a rapid call out service which is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

As Director of Contract Services, Caspar will continue to run the Contracting department as well as taking on his new responsibilities as a director of the company. 

Caspar Vick, Director of Contract Services commented: 

“I’m thrilled to be joining the board of directors at Steve Vick International. Having worked for the company for many years I’ve grasped a sound knowledge and understanding of the different industries we work in and am looking forward to having a more strategic role within the company.  I look forward to working with the other Directors and continuing to build a successful business centred around strong family values” 

 Steve Vick, Chairman of Steve Vick International commented: 

 “I am delighted to welcome another member of the family onto the board.  Being a family business has always been hugely important to me and I’m looking forward to the next generation taking Steve Vick International on to a bright future.”