The Steve Vick team

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Steve Vick


Crock Harrison

Managing & Technical Director

Andy White

Financial Director

Sean Noonan

Operations Director

Katie Higgins

Sales and Marketing Director

Sue Johnson

PA to Board of Directors

Lesley Palmer

Office Manager

Nicola Shepherd

Marketing Manager

Katie Newman

Sales Administrator

Shelley Butler

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Wendy Spencer

Accounts Manager

Erika Ellis

Accounts Assistant

Gary MacAlister

QSHE Manager

Jamie Dawe

Production Manager

Elliot Ross

Technical Support Manager

Andy Hutchison

Technical Support Engineer

Mike Hall

Contracting Development Manager

Caspar Vick

Contracting Operations Manager

Natasha Wilkes

Contracting Services Administrator

Clare Norris

Contract Services Administrator

Aidan Liddane

Contracting Engineer

Darren Starling

Contracting Engineer

David Liddane

Contracting Engineer

Chris Liddane

Contracting Engineer

Craig Roman

Contracting Engineer

Iain Fisher

Contracting Engineer

John McAndrew

Contracting Engineer

Ian Bradley

Contracting Engineer

Stuart Stokes

Contracting Engineer

Tom Vick

Contracting Engineer

Paul Mattravis

Contracting Maintenance

Nick Robinson

Design and Development

Richard Ditte

Senior Project Manager

Matthew Maclennan

Mechanical Design Engineer

David Goodall

Senior Engineer

Sam Street

Technical Designer
I.T. Systems Manager

James Powell

Development Technician

Danny Yau

1st/2nd Line Technical Analyst

Dean Powell

Facilities & Hardware Coordinator