Steve Vick International Showcases Innovative Pipe Handling Solutions at Cappagh Group of Companies’ Innovation Day

July 8, 2024

Steve Vick International (SVI) participated in Cappagh Group of Companies’ annual Innovation Day held in Havant, Portsmouth this June. This event provided a valuable platform for SVI to present its latest advancements in pipe handling and cutting technologies to industry professionals.

A highlight of the showcase was the 180 Pipe Coil Trailer, designed to handle PE pipe coils with diameters ranging from 40mm to 180mm. This trailer can accommodate a 100-metre coil of 180mm SDR 11/17 PE, with safety being a key feature that has made it a favourite among utility companies, contractors, and SVI’s hire department for over four decades.

Iain Fisher from SVI’s Technical Support team conducted live demonstrations, showcasing the efficiency and precision of their innovative pipe cutting and pipe handling equipment, including the Rapid Rotary Cutter, Keel Cutter, Perpetual Pipe Pusher, and PE Cutter. Each of these tools addresses specific challenges faced by the water
industry, providing safe, reliable, and efficient solutions.

The Rapid Rotary Cutter, an air-powered tool, is designed for swift and accurate circumferential cuts on ductile iron pipes. It features depth gauges ensuring safe use on inserted host pipes and can cut a 4″ main in approximately two minutes, allowing immediate access.

In the water industry, the Keel Cutter is indispensable for making circumferential cuts on a variety of pipe materials up to 1600mm in diameter, whether they are steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic, or cement. Its design requires minimal clearance and ensures clean, precise cuts in minutes.

The Perpetual Pipe Pusher is an innovative excavator attachment that enables continuous insertion of PE pipes from 63mm to 180mm. This tool enhances safety by allowing the operator to control the entire process from the cab, eliminating the need for manual handling of the pipe or trench entry.

Additionally, SVI has developed a new PE Pipe Cutter in collaboration with Northern Gas Networks (NGN). This cutter offers an accurate, safe, and efficient method for circumferentially cutting large diameter PE pipes, handling diameters of 250mm and above, with wall thicknesses up to 70mm, in a single pass.

The Innovation Day was a fantastic opportunity for knowledge exchange and showcasing the technological strides SVI has made in the water utility sector. SVI extends a big thanks to the Cappagh Group of Companies for hosting such a valuable event and looks forward to continuing their collaboration to enhance the safety and efficiency of the water industry.