Steve Vick International Showcase Their Latest Innovations at No Dig

August 12, 2021

Steve Vick International will be showcasing some of their latest innovations at No Dig Live 14th-16th September 2021.

Demonstrations of the Perpetual Pipe Pusher, the all-new PE Cutter, FBOS and ESEAL techniques and our Pipe Feeder for District Heat Pump trailers will be taking place daily on stand no. 19, outside.

The Perpetual Pipe Pusher is a robust and proven attachment, designed to continuously insert PE from 63mm/2” up to 180mm/6”, achieving fast and efficient insertion lengths of 300m plus.  The PE Cutter, a joint NIA project with Northern Gas Networks, is the latest machine to join the family of SVI cutters and is a circumferential cutter, capable of cutting PE pipe up to 900mm in one continuous motion, quickly and safely.  The SVI Pipe Feeder for District Heat Pump coils is an attachment that fits onto the SVI trailers and enables the pipe to be pulled off the trailer with ease.  As the PE pipe passes through the feeder it is straightened, allowing for easier dispensing.

Alongside these newer innovations, demonstrations will also be taking place of some of SVI’s more well-known products, Live Mains Insertion, Rapid Service Isolator, SMARTester™, CRACKERJACK™, the Rapid Window Cutter and the Rapid Rotary Cutter.

SVI look forward to welcoming customers old and new to the stand, so please do visit stand no. 19 outside, you can be assured of some interesting demonstrations, a warm welcome, a hot coffee and some tempting treats.