Steve Vick International renew sponsorship at Wiltshire Live Music Centre

March 2, 2022

Steve Vick International (SVI) began their sponsorship of the Wiltshire Music Centre (WMC) back in January 2020 and they are delighted to announce the renewal of this sponsorship agreement. SVI will be major sponsors of the West of England Youth Orchestra and the Wiltshire Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Steve Vick International, who specialise in innovative engineering techniques that minimise excavations and reduce environmental impact for pipelines, in the gas and water industry, are committed to supporting the local community. In particular, the company wish to support charitable organisations within Bradford on Avon, where their head office is based, hence the decision to support WMC.

SVI are especially keen to support youth orchestras as they provide invaluable training and the opportunity to perform for young people.

Steve Vick, Chairman of Steve Vick International explains,

“We’re very excited to be supporting the West of England Youth Orchestra and the Wiltshire Youth Jazz Orchestra.  When I’ve seen them perform in the past I’ve been extremely impressed by the high standards of musicianship. Our headquarters are based in Bradford on Avon and it’s important to us to be part of the community. We’re particularly eager to support young talent, enabling them to reach their full potential.”

James Slater, Artistic Director of Wilshire Music Centre added:

“We are extremely grateful to Steve Vick International for their support and it’s only through key partnerships like this that we are able to offer high-quality opportunities to engage with music-making at the highest level.”

Wiltshire Music Centre is a concert hall of national significance rooted in local community participation and involvement. The Centre presents over 150 concerts per year involving over 1,000 professional, community and young musicians in a purpose-built auditorium blessed with “the finest acoustic outside London” (Sean Rafferty, BBC).

Steve Vick International plan to be a visible and active partner in their sponsorship and will be offering staff the opportunity to attend concerts throughout the year.

Further details on upcoming concerts can be found on the Wiltshire Music Centre’s website