Perpetual Pipe Pusher

Perpetual Pipe Pusher


The Perpetual Pipe Pusher is an excavator attachment used to continuously insert PE from 63mm / 2” up to 180mm / 6”.

Attached to the quick hitch or standard bucket pins of an excavator, the Perpetual Pipe Pusher is designed to grip the PE, position it in the excavation and insert the pipe. Once positioned in the trench, the machine remains anchored to the excavator arm and firmly in place. The pipe is then inserted by the hydraulically driven rubberised rollers.

The entire operation is controlled from the safety of the cab, avoiding the need for operatives to handle the pipe or enter the trench.

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Benefits of the Perpetual Pipe Pusher

  • A highly efficient and fast system to insert PE pipe in either coils or butt fused sticks
  • Due to the continual push there is little to no visible movement of the host main, virtually eliminating the chance of damage
  • No increase in normal excavated trench size required
  • Safer alternative to using an excavator and sling to insert PE pipe
  • Minimal need for operatives to enter the trench when in operation
  • Pushes at speeds of 25 metres per minute – with typical lengths in excess of 300m being pushed in at any one time
  • All loading, manoeuvring and inserting operations controlled from the cab
  • One stage set up for entire insertion operation
  • Offers an efficient, continuous and smooth pushing force which can be reversed if required
  • Connects to the arm of most common dual fed hydraulic excavators
  • Minimises the possibility of disruption to the parent main and other utilities
  • Can negate the need for additional insertion pit when carrying out Live Mains Insertion
  • No need for size specific shells

Technical Specifications of the Perpetual Pipe Pusher

  • PE Size: 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 140mm, 180mm (and the equivalent imperial measurements)
  • Functions: Grips, forward and reverse operations
  • Height: 490mm (19″)
  • Width Open: 550mm (22″)
  • Width Closed: 356mm (14″)
  • Length: 895mm (35″)
  • Top Bracket Pins: 25mm, 30mm and 34mm pins (2 of each) (adaptor’s available for larger excavators)
  • Hydraulic Fittings: Typically, 3/8″ and 3/4″ flat face quick fit couplers

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