HD Mini MACAW Pipe Cracker

HD Mini MACAW Pipe Cracker


Adapting to all site environments and for the convenience of differing site conditions, the Mini Macaw has two means of hydraulic power, a hand pump or a 1.5 – 3 tonne mini digger.

To accommodate the range of pipe sizes, a choice of pin slots and a spacer seat cover all diameters up to 8”, eliminating the need of additional equipment.

When hydraulic power is applied, the linkage arms squeeze the pipe making the breaker discs, which act as the pressure points, crack the pipe.

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Benefits of the Mini MACAW Pipe Cracker

  • A safe and efficient alternative compared with using a
    ‘podger bar’ or sledge hammer
  • For use on abandoned and inserted mains, without
    damaging internal PE
  • Does not require access around the whole circumference
    of the pipe• Ideal for use with Live Mains Insertion
  • Controlled pressure applied via hydraulic power
  • Easy to operate – locate onto the main and let the
    hydraulics do the rest
  • Choice of pin slots mean that the universal machine will
    handle 4-8” diameter mains

Technical Specifications of the Mini MACAW Pipe Cracker

  • Required clearance: 100mm (4″) either side
  • Pipe diameter range: 3″ – 8″ (76mm – 200mm)
  • Typical breakout time: 1-2 minuets
  • Width: 310-360mm (12″ – 14″)
  • Height: 610-710mm (24″ – 28″)
  • Depth: 190mm (8″)
  • Weight: 48kg (106lbs) including chain

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