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The ESEAL technique is used for the safe, remote, 100% abandonment of unwanted sections of gas main, including the last transition joint.  ESEAL is the replacement technique for Live Stub End Abandonement.

Enhanced SEAL was developed by Steve Vick International in conjunction with Northern Gas Networks. It provides a safe and effective method of abandoning 100% of T1 and T2 gas mains under ‘live’ conditions, without removing the tee piece.

It is often impractical to disconnect a redundant main directly at the tee piece, where it is often located under a busy junction or is in a sensitive area where disruption caused by the work would be unacceptable.

Full abandonment of these short sections of main is important if leakage problems are to be avoided in the future.

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Using advanced CCTV technology, accurate measurements of the pipe’s internal diameter can be recorded, including any tapers. This enables the Enhanced SEAL technique to fully abandon Tier 1 and Tier 2 pipe at the last transition joint.

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Benefits of ESEAL

  • Abandonment carried out remotely from a nearby ‘non-sensitive’ position up to 60m away from the parent main
  • Safety is significantly improved by sealing the last transition joint, any risk of a gas leak is removed
  • Size of excavation is kept to a minimum, reducing impact on the environment
  • Cost savings are gained by reducing reinstatement, traffic management and time on-site
  • Less disruption to customers and the public by excavating in non-sensitive areas
  • T1 ESEAL is suitable for dimensions of 3-8″, T2 ESEAL is suitable for dimensions of 9-14″.

Technical Specifications of ESEAL

  • For Low Pressure up to 75mbar
  • Maximum lengths around 40m
  • Size Range: Up to 40″
  • Typically takes 2-3 hours

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