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The ESEAL technique is used for the safe, remote, 100% abandonment of unwanted sections of gas main, including the last transition joint.



A method of permanently sealing dead annular space between Tier 1 metallic pipe and inserted PE


Steve Vick International’s FOAMBAG™ technique has become a gas industry standard method of flow stopping sections of gas main to be abandoned


Live Stub End Abandonment

Live Stub End Abandonment is a technique offered by our Contract Service team for the final abandonment of live short stub ends of gas mains, typically 2 to 20 metres in length.

Live Stub End Abandonment

Pipe sealed using expanding resin foam

FOAMSTOP™ provides a ‘no gas’ method of flow stopping, for small diameter pipes of 3/4″ to 2”, running at low pressures.


Mini Purge Ejector process

The Mini Purge Ejector is designed as an alternative to the large purge ejectors. Designed for use on mains from 3” to 12” in diameter, it ensures an efficient purge of gas mains to be abandoned.

Mini Purge Ejector