Stub End Solutions

It is often impractical to excavate directly above a main or tee piece. This may be because the main is located under a busy junction or is in a sensitive area such as near a petrol station or where disruption caused by the work would be unacceptable.

The Steve Vick International Contract Service  offer a number of solutions to the problems associated with these challenging operations, using various remote methods.

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The ESEAL technique is used for the safe, remote, 100% abandonment of unwanted sections of gas main, including the last transition joint.


Live Stub End Abandonment

Live Stub End Abandonment is a technique offered by our Contract Service team for the final abandonment of live short stub ends of gas mains, typically 2 to 20 metres in length.

Live Stub End Abandonment

Live mains replacement using the SEALBACK™ technique

SEALBACK™ is a technique used by the Contract Services to remotely carry out live mains replacement. The technique is especially applicable for traffic sensitive locations.


FBOS (Foambag Operation on Stubs) is a method of replacing short lengths of T1 stubs for diameters of 4” up to 6” including one-way fed in sensitive locations or where access onto the main is restricted

FBOS – Foambag Operation On Stubs