Three new staff, including father and son, join the contract service team.

October 24, 2016

Since the company’s foundation in 1981, Steve Vick International has provided a contract service to the Gas and Water Industries in the UK and abroad.

What was initially a team of 2 has today become a team of 9. The team is overseen by Operations Manager, Mike Hall and Operations Director, Sean Noonan. The newest members of the team are father and son Aiden and David Liddane alongside Darren Starling.

Based in the North East, Aiden and David will be supporting the increased demand for new technique; Enhanced S.E.A.L, a method that allows 100% of a Tier 1 gas main, including the last joint, to be sealed and abandoned. Aiden and David will mainly be working with Northern Gas networks, helping them meet the target of abandoning or replacing all cast iron and ductile Tier 1 pipes within 30m of a building by 2032.

Darren Starling will be based in the South West, working to deliver Sealback 1.5 projects locally and across the UK. Sealback is a method that allows live mains replacement to be carried out remotely, and is especially applicable in traffic sensitive locations.

Contract Service

The service provides on-site solutions to a wide variety of pipe renewal problems. The majority of our techniques involve the use of expanding foam to flowstop and abandonment low and medium pressure gas mains. Other services include; CCTV camera surveys, pipe cutting and grout filling. Steve Vick International also offer solutions for multi occupancy buildings, including Live Riser Transfer.